The Elements Of Journalism : Truth: The First and Most Confusing Principle

Journalism first obligation is to the truth, delivering facts news to the audience and more important is to report the truth about those facts. Like Kovach said people looking forward to know facts and the whole picture of the stories with truth, not part of it. This is an actually what journalists do, is saying the truth. They are getting the closest version truth of the story and collecting all information that makes sense of them and then delivered it to the public. But what I am thinking of it is, what if that information’s does not make any sense to the public? . That was exactly what was going on in the Middle East; the lack of trusting what was saying on news has been a big issue. An example of that is the Egyptian revolution; Egyptian’s are relying to know what really happens out there on the street from social media rather than getting it from news. Protestors are posting an updating the details of street actions through social media while the journalists were conservatives to not provide more truth of those actions facts because they were aware of letting more turbulence getting between the protestors. But protestors won’t care, they just want the truth, and it is necessary to report the truth about the fact because that what they needs. To consider, with the revolution of social media, what the future of journalists on the Middle East will be? And, How they can get back the trust of people? 



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